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Ever Wondered Why Looking Good Is Imp?

It’s simple, its not to amaze others but for own feel good. Because you're worth it and deserve to be valued. When you gaze yourself at the mirror after a tired day, all that brings smile to your face is your own beauty and freshness. SASfinder is an approach to help you discover the new you as looking good is a 365 day affair.


Everyone has a right to get pampered and we offer you a more organized version of pamper guide in the form of listings. We bring you the set of information you require to discover, locate and choose the one that best suits you. And that is not it we understand the budget and thus presenting you the best offers around you to suit your pockets.

Hello! Beautiful you

We at SASfinder.com believe that you are in a beauty competition everyday of your life. Beauty is not just about makeup it is about facing everyday with bright confidence. It is about showing up 'THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF'. For that interview, that class, that date, that exam, that meeting, for the new day for everyday and we are striving just to attain that.


We are a bunch of computer addictive developers, limelight hogging marketers, flashing photographers and supporting team proudly denoting ourselves as 'sassians'. We have tried to bring all the beauty essentials under same roof with complete evenness. Team is working the hours to meet the changes in the industry and provide the best we can.

Beauty begins herein..

COME…BROWSE…& take this initiative with us and bring about a transformation in your own life.

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