Chest Hair: Let’s Talk About It


  25 Jan 2017
  Vivek Devani

In This Korean Plastic Surgery Makeover Show Parents Apologize For Inheriting Ugly Genes

South Korea is ranked no. 1 for the most plastic surgery procedures per capita; the country is renowned for its fixation on ~flawless~ good looks. 

  24 Jan 2017
  Alisah Juyal

The Glow-in-the-Dark Hair Trend Will Definitely Turn Your Party Vibes On

Take a minute to think back to your childhood when literally any toy that glowed in the dark got you super excited. Now, picture this: glow-in-the-dark rainbow-colored hair. That you can wear as an adult.

  28 Jan 2017
  Alisah Juyal

9 Harry Potter Beauty Products Trending Are Sheer Magic

Harry Potter themed cosmetics are having a major moment right now, and life basically couldn't be better.

  03 Feb 2017
  Alisah Juyal

Get Rid Of Nail Biting Habit With This Simple Trick

Whether you turn to it in times of stress or just can’t resist a daily nibble, nail biting is one of the hardest beauty bad habits to break. And let’s face it – if you’re not a nail-biter, you’ll probably never understand what’s so compelling about it. 

  16 Mar 2017
  Alisah Juyal

This Salon Is Offering A Buffet Of Unlimited Salon Services For Rs. 2417 Only

Have you ever heard about Salon Buffet? Be surprised as something unique in salon services is here!

  22 Jan 2017
  Alisah Juyal